Core values

EMPLOYEES: Hoa Binh Group attaches importance to build relationships with customers and partners with good will, sincerity and cordiality. Hoa Binh Group has always attached great importance to EMPLOYEES as the most valuable asset; gradually build a professional working environment with dynamism, transparency and humanity; ensure implementation of welfare policies and equitable development opportunities for EMPLOYEES

TRUST : Hoa Binh Group put the TRUST on top of everything, practice the TRUST regularly to teach our team to increase their competitiveness, preserve the TRUST as protect our own honor. HoaBinh Group commits to mobilize all its sources to implement right or even more than that any commitment with the customers and partners.

INTELLIGENCE: Hoa Binh Group identies creativity and innovation as vitality, a lever for development, which makes a dierence to every product or service we provide.

HEART: Hoa Binh Group considers the HEART as the cornerstone of all business operations; Respect the law and maintain HONEST business ethics with customers and with ourselves. Hoa Binh Group considers customer-centric, a vital element of the company, so we always put the benet and eort to satisfy our customers’ needs.

ELITE: Hoa Binh Group aims to build a team of high quality, ELITE and willing to ght, capable of endure and uphold the profes-sional ethics.