Do you know how to organize video conferences? Learn from these simple tips

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Online events are increasingly popular and chosen by many businesses because of the outstanding advantages of this type of event compared to traditional events. To meet this demand, HoaBinh Group provides video conference organizing services. However, do you know how to organize video conferences? Learn from these simple tips.

how to organize video conferences

Outstanding advantages of organizing video conferences

Video conference is able to connect quickly, many people can join the meeting directly, which helps to ensure 100% information accuracy. Accurate information will help to make decisions in a timely and effective manner increases the interaction between branches within an enterprise and between businesses that cooperate with each other. In addition, the entire meeting will be archived in the form of videos, so the business can review when needed.

Video conference solution with a system of equipment to help transmit audio, images between two or more remote locations connected by a network connection. Multi-point communication via video and audio transmission will help businesses connect quickly, and save a lot of costs such as transfer costs, risk of traveling too far, travel time between locations.

Outstanding advantages of organizing video conferences

How to organize video conferences effectively?

Determine the purpose of the conference

Determine the purpose of the conference is the first step in an effective video conferencing process. At this step, you will need to define what the video conference is for? Sharing knowledge, promoting products, or training? Free or paid event? Public or private?

Make a detailed plan

Despite being an online conference, it also needs a detailed plan that may include:

  • Time: common conference duration will be about 60 – 90 minutes.

  • Conference subject: should clearly show the content and benefits for attendees. Famous or influential speakers will help attract large numbers of participants.

  • Content: will be presented by the speaker with the presentation slide, so design the slides that are beautiful, attractive, and should add impressive pictures and videos. You can refer to the professional slide design applications such as Envato, Prezi,…

  • Select live streaming channel: Facebook, Youtube, Zoom,… are the popular platform for video conference. For the interactive part with the audience, you can use some online platform to ask questions. Kahoot is a good platform to create quizzes, polls.

Marketing plan for the video conference

Video conferencing communication is also one of the parts that play an important role when organizing online events. Organizers can choose to communicate entirely online or in conjunction with other media to increase efficiency.

Install video conference equipment

  • Define clearly how many points you need to connect, to come up with the right solution, there are two main models: site to site (the model that connects only two points) and Multisites (model of connection of 3 points or more).

  • Determining your investment budget accurately will help you build solutions quickly and choose the right equipment.

  • Survey the meeting room to see how many people are to choose the right equipment, save budget, and still be efficient.

  • Select the equipment, choose the reputable solution provider that best suits your business.

Send documentation and review forms

After the video conference, reviews should be collected to improve content quality for the following events. In addition, attendees always want to receive documentaries or videos of the event.

How to organize video conferences effectively?

The bottom line

This is how to organize video conferences. Hope this information will be useful and practical for businesses.

HoaBinh Group with many years in the event industry, with experienced experts and a team of young, dynamic professionals who quickly grasp technology, always strives to bring the best online conferences to customers. For further information about our video conferencing service please contact us via website or hotline +84 913 311 911 for advice and support.

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