High-quality LED screen rental service at reasonable prices in Hanoi

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Currently, among numerous event equipment rental and event organizing companies, HoaBinh Group has been considered as a reputable service supplier thanks to its significant investment in product quality of the equipment system, including the LED screen. HoaBinh Group provides high-quality LED screen rental services at very reasonable prices in Hanoi and across Vietnam.

 LED screen rental service

Benefits of using LED screens in events

  • LED screens are an advanced development over ordinary traditional canvas. There are many advantages for organizers, and the audience attending events.

  • Using LED screens will assess the professionalism of the organizers, affirm the modernity of the company and business working style.

  • In addition, there are LED screens to project images and clips that will bring visual effectiveness and aesthetic value to the events. LED screens can make the stage outstanding and attracting more viewers.

  • The LED screen rental is one of the highest cost categories in displaying content in the event plan, but it will give the event a professional and transmits multi-nuanced content and you can transfer videos, photos, and effects with ease and depth. In indoor and outdoor events, the LED screen can be used as a projection device. However, if it is outdoor events, it is necessary to have a sun and rain prevention plan to ensure the most durable LED screen.

LED screen rental service

LED screen rental service of HoaBinh Group

Product variety

HoaBinh Group leases both P2, P3, P4 LED screens with all sizes for both indoor/outdoor events according to customer requirements. Events such as music shows, conferences, seminars, inauguration, customer conferences… all can use the LED screen.

Fast delivery and professional installation

Currently, HoaBinh Group has a head office in Hanoi, and 2 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, so we can be able to meet the demand for LED screen rental not only in Hanoi, but also across the country with diverse designs, affordable prices, and quality assurance.

We are committed to handing over the LED screen on time. The process of installing and renting and using the LED screen is fast and professional. If customers do not know the size and need advice, we will send technicians to survey the venue. Dimensions can be installed for optimizing aspect ratio such as 3mx5m, 4mx6m, 4mx7m, 4mx8m, 5mx9m, 5mx10m,… It is possible to install curved or flat shapes or install LED curtain 2 sides to create width for the stage.

LED screen rental service

Reasonable price

Using the LED screen rental service of HoaBinh Group, your customers will experience LED screen rental services with not only product variety, and fast installation but also reasonable cost, and receive quality LED screens with multi-color, good slideshows, sharp images.

In addition, HoaBinh Group also provides other equipment, check out details HERE

If you want to rent an LED screen, please contact us via the website or hotline +84.913.311.911 for advice and quotation!

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