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Mid Autumn Festival Special Offer

8/11/2022 554

As usual, on full moon in August every year, companies, schools … are preparing to be able to organize an impressive event for children.

How to have a big full moon festival without worrying  is definitely something everyone want. However, with Hoa Binh’s offer, you do not need to worry about that. Let HBG help you to build impressive events with unique scenarios such as:

–  Babies learn to make scones and cakes

– Traditional Mid-Autumn Market –

– Mid-Autumn Festival fashion show

–  Organizing mid-autumn festival package

– Sound and light for rent –

–  Personnel  for the festival

– Ms. Hang, Uncle Cuoi, lion dance, circus

– Party decoration

– Organize and decorate the  tray

– Filming – Photograph

Choosing the Mid-Autumn Festival organizing service of Hoa Binh Group, you will have a shimmering and modern Mid-Autumn Festival with colorful feast; Playful festive atmosphere with cheerful games, unique music performances. Children will contemplate the moon, enjoy the meals, play games; buy new toys; they will be allowed to receive a starlight, dance, or wear angelic wings to follow the colorful unicorns and funny Teu in the sound of drum.

Please contact Hoa Binh Group for advice and book the service !!!  Hotline +84 913.311.911

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