Online entertainment events – solution for the year-end festive season

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The end of the year is the time when a series of events and festivals take place such as Christmas events, customer gratitude events, year-end parties… However, the festival season 2020 is quite special, especially because the Covid -19 pandemic is still vicious, the crowded activities are limited. But don’t worry, we can still enjoy the festive season in a fun way in the form of online entertainment events – a solution for the year-end festive season.

online entertainment events

What is an online entertainment event?

Online entertainment event form is not only a communication solution for businesses but also a notable trend in the future with many benefits compared to traditional events. Some advantages of online entertainment events:

  • The event can reach and interact with more people. This helps to increase the coverage and efficiency of business communication.

  • Save a lot of costs for travel, organizational venues, and service providers.

  • Enhance interaction and connection with customers through social networks.

online entertainment events

Online entertainment event ideas from HoaBinh Group

Ideas for making and selling handcrafted Christmas gifts

The trend of handmade items is popular in recent years and the festive season is a great opportunity to take advantage of this trend.

Being at home won’t matter if you know how to make yourself busy with interesting activities. And one of those ways is to make and sell handmade things. Through online platforms, Zoom, Meet, Messenger Room… you can easily connect many people with the same interests to embroider, sew, decorate… And the rest of you is just directing them to the handmade learning/making purposes and if possible, you can also sell handmade items for them.

In addition, when selling online, you will save a lot of costs in terms of venues, staff,… On a larger scale, you can still apply this idea to your company’s products to target customers.

online entertainment events

Online… wine tasting events

This is a great idea for F&B businesses. Not only wine, but all food and drink products can apply this form of events. By organizing this form of online experience, you can both make your event atmosphere a true “virtual” party, and you can also collect the views of many people about the product easily. Take advantage of this for your company’s experimental product line to understand the market or at least raise brand awareness among consumers.

Organize a dance party online

In fact, this form is very popular abroad. But in Vietnam, online dance parties are not popular. This form helps you to comply with regulations on Covid-19 interval and prevention. And most importantly, it’s completely healthy and light entertainment, suitable for the elite, corporate customers.

Organize online music, dance, and theater performances

There is a proven fact that forms of entertainment such as singing, dancing, theater… can easily attract the attention and participation of many people. If you want to host an online event that brings together a large number of people, start with this option. Mime is another creation you can refer to. Or if not, stick to traditional singing and dancing as long as you have messages for Christmas and the festive season.

HoaBinh Group provides a comprehensive online entertainment event service

For a memorable online entertainment event during the festive season, please contact HoaBinh Group via website chatbox or hotline +84.913.311.911. With more than 10 years of experience in the event industry, especially during the festival season, HoaBinh Group is proud to be a prestigious, well-groomed unit, bringing you the most professional events.

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