Stage design and stage construction service at reasonable prices

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HoaBinh Group is an event organizing unit specializing in designing and constructing various types of stages, stage podiums for both indoor and outdoor events. With the motto “quality makes reputation”, we are committed to providing customers with stage design and stage construction service at reasonable prices.

Stage design and stage construction

What is the stage? The requirements for the stage design and stage construction

What is the stage?

At any event, whether it is a game show, opening event or wedding party, conference… the stage is an indispensable part of the event. This is where the most important parts of the event take place. Therefore, the stage should be invested carefully and professionally to express the whole event’s messages.

The requirement for stage design and stage construction

The assembled stage must withstand the weight of people and the performance, and the material should be durable. Materials for the stage must be iron bars with high hardness, waterproof floor, stage legs covered with carpet, fabric, in addition, the stage floor is lined with Mica, Hiflex…

Standard stage sizes: 2×3, 2×4, 3×4, 3×5, 3×6, 4×5, 4×6, 4×8, 6 × 10.

Stage height (from the ground to the floor): 30/40/50/60/80/90 centimeters, 1/1.2/1.5/2 meters.

The stage includes:

  • An iron box with the height of the feet from the ground to the stage floor is 20/30/50 centimeters and 1-meter height.

  • Plywood of diverse size will create convenience because not only shorten installation time but also can be used for many activities in the future. Good bearing capacity with a thickness of 5 layers, along with the cohesion between other parts will help disperse the load-bearing more evenly than other materials.

  • Red carpet with a width of 2 meters, 2 millimeters thickness with many colors such as flag red, magenta, gray, navy blue, and gray.

Stage design and stage construction

Benefits of choosing HoaBinh Group for stage design and construction

  • The solid stage installs any terrain indoors or outdoors on the ground as well as rough.

  • Fast and professional installation

  • Erection with diverse designs such as T-shaped stage, semicircle …

  • Reasonable costs

  • Simple and fast procedures

The process of hiring stage at HoaBinh Group

  • Receive requests from customers

  • Site survey and plan finalization.

  • Sign a contract

  • Start designing and constructing

  • End the program, dismantle the equipment

Stage design and stage construction

In addition to stage design and constructionHoaBinh Group also provides many other accompanying services to complete a quality, professional, and beautiful stage including:

  • Provide event staff

  • Sound and lighting rental

  • Backdrop design and construction

Renting stage design and construction has many options for sizes and colors to meet all the demands of customers. Contact us now for quotation advice as well as the best technical support – Hotline 0913 311 911 24/7 consultation.

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