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Year End Parties in 2019 by Hoa Binh Group

8/11/2022 224

Year End Party 2019 serie of events.

1. Why do you have to hold Year End Party ?

Year End Party, is held annually by most businesses as a corporate events.

It is an annual activity occured in year end of the year because this is a special time to review what we have achieved through the year. In addition, this is also a time and opportunity for all members of the company, summarizing the activities of the year and encourage incentives for employees in the company.

2. Meaning of Year End Party

This is an opportunity for businesses to review the last year and express gratitude to those who have contributed to your business. However, these factors are the foundation for companies and businesses to achieve better results in the future.

3. Year End Party 2020 events by Hoa Binh Group

Here are some typical Year end party events organized by Hoa Binh Group.

BIDV’s Year-end party

Year End Party

Year End Party with Tet theme with BIDV members

year end party

Calligraphy given at the party

Year End Party

year end party

Amazing performances at the party

ONE OCEAN’s year end party

year end party

The leaders of the company toasted the cup for the success of the company

year end party

Guests attending the party are cheering for the success of the year

Some performances of the party

year end party

Daikin’s Year End Party

Year End Party

2 MCs at the party introduced achievements of the company in 2019

year end party

The decoration at the hall prepared by Hoa Binh Group

year end party


year end party

The lucky draw session during the party

Daikin members enjoyed funny games during the event

year end party

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