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For companies and businesses, the grand opening ceremony is extremely important because it marks the first step in the process of operating and developing in a competitive marketplace. In order to have a successful, satisfactory, and impressive grand opening ceremony for everyone, corporate companies cannot ignore 3 ideas for organizing a grand opening ceremony for enterprises that HoaBinh Group will share below.

3 ideas for organizing a grand opening ceremony for enterprises

Popular forms of the grand opening ceremony

Grand opening ceremony combined with the entertainment event

One of the most popular forms is a combination of musical performances during the grand opening ceremony. You can invite celebrities such as artists, singers, actors to perform. Along with that is alternating cleverly introducing the company’s products and businesses. Although not as expensive as organizing live shows, but the cost is not small.

The outstanding advantage of this form is to both create a joyful atmosphere for the ceremony and attract the public’s attention, even if you are skillful in the promotion process, you can also rely on the media to take the company’s image separate. Certainly in the opening invitation card, there is a performance of music that will attract more guests.

However, a small note when using this form of the grand opening ceremony is that the balance of entertainment elements at a moderate level prevents the whole ceremony from giving guests a message of your brand.

3 ideas for organizing a grand opening ceremony for enterprises

Organizing party for the grand opening ceremony

Usually, this form will be solemn and private between businesses and guests. Used mainly for internal opening ceremonies in restaurants.

One of the outstanding advantages of this form is that it creates a connection between not only the business and the guests, but between the guests, there will also be the opportunity to exchange discussions about products and upcoming service. It is this that makes the opening ceremony of the store in the form of invitations to create a close atmosphere and receive more positive reviews from customers.

However, in order to organize this form, the company also has to spend a considerable budget on both human resources and finance to ensure the most complete reception and service of guests. Your company needs to calculate carefully before deciding to choose this form of the grand opening.

3 ideas for organizing a grand opening ceremony for enterprises

Giving gifts to guests in the grand opening ceremony

Simple, cost-effective, and effective are the advantages of this form of organization. Compared to inviting actors, singers, or organizing multi-stage dining, using the form of activities and giving, dialing the winning number, giving souvenirs for guests to attend just created an atmosphere of cheerful, eagerness to both retain customers until the end of the ceremony. Not surprisingly, this is the organizational form chosen by many businesses.

In addition, by cleverly inserting questions related to the company’s products in the Q&A games, activities, customers remember to have more impressions of their products and services, and at the same time, they use products and services. Business to give gifts is also a smart strategy that many people apply

In order for the ceremony to be most effective, the organizer needs to create an atmosphere of excitement that involves guests in the ceremony. This is also a difficult point and requires an experienced team to undertake.

3 ideas for organizing a grand opening ceremony for enterprises

Experience in organizing a grand opening ceremony

Using a single form of a grand opening ceremony like above will not be highly effective. Depending on the conditions, you should consider combining these arrangements. Combining the advantages of the forms will create the best spillover effect.

If you do not have much experience in organizing the grand opening ceremony of shops, showrooms …, choosing companies to organize the opening ceremony professionally will help businesses save a lot of costs from waste and use an inappropriate form of organization.

In addition to event companies, you will always be committed to the perfection level of the ceremony. If you still have any further questions, please contact directly with HoaBinh Group via website chatbox or hotline +84 913 311 911. The consulting team will answer you in the most enthusiastic way.

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