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HoaBinh Group affirms its position as the premier event organizer in Vietnam

14/12/2022 412

Following the success of K-EXPO Vietnam 2022, HoaBinh Group was selected to host the “Friendship Street Vietnam-Korea Festival 2022”. This special event was staged to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Korea. It not only contributes to strengthening the ties between the two nations but also enables HoaBinh Group to proclaim, develop, and fulfill its goal of being the leading international event organizer in Vietnam.

Successfully organized a wide range of large-scale international events

Korean artists performed Samulnori - Korea's unique traditional art at the festival

Samulnori – The unique art of traditional Korean drumming

Taking place on Tran Van Lai street (My Dinh Song Da urban area, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi) on December 10-11, “Friendship Street Vietnam-Korea Festival 2022” was an intriguing experience space with appealing cultural & artistic activities. At this festival, there were Korean cuisine booths, K-culture experience booths, and booths of Vietnamese – Korean businesses. There were also many folk art performances from both countries and many interactive games such as Squid Game, Korean quizzes, Korean karaoke, wine tasting, and many other traditional games of the two countries.

Delegates pressed the button to start the festival

Kick-off ceremony of “Friendship Street Vietnam-Korea Festival 2022”

As a big international event, this festival necessitates not only extensive human & material resources but also a thorough grasp of the cultures, economies, and politics of the two nations. In particular, the largest issue was that the festival was staged in a new location, which is known as the Korean Quarter in the capital city of Hanoi, so the preparation was quite complicated. In addition, this first-ever event drew the attention of the Hanoi capital authority and a large number of Hanoians in the form of a walking street, putting a lot of pressure on the organizer. However, with careful preparation from the planning stage, along with the determination and professionalism of the HoaBinh Group team, all work items are carried out in a scientific manner. Although the preparation time is urgent, from the main stage area to the welcome gate, experience booths, and check-in area,… all are finished in accordance with the design concept. Not only are all standards for content, aesthetics, and technique met, but the security, fire prevention, and ambulance of the event are also given great consideration.

K-Concert 2022 made a lasting impression on the audiences thanks to the extravagant audiovisual system

K-Concert (as a part of K-Expo Vietnam 2022) made a lasting impression on the audiences thanks to the extravagant audiovisual system

Previously, in October 2022, HoaBinh Group was honored to be chosen as the organizer of K-EXPO Vietnam 2022. The significant event is part of a series of activities to celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam & Korea, taking place in 04 days, including many attractive activities such as B2C K-Culture Exhibition, K-Concert, and B2B Meeting. With only 04 days to implement all the categories, HoaBinh Group had to concentrate all its human resources on this event, with a total staff of up to 250 members. In addition to this event, HoaBinh Group hosted successfully many other large-scale international events.

Aspiring to be Vietnam’s premier event organization brand

Founded in 2008, the vision of HoaBinh Group is to become one of the leading brands in the field of event organization not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.

B2B Culture Exhibition is one of three main activities of K-EXPO Vietnam 2022

B2C K-Culture Exhibition

Up to now, HoaBinh Group has successfully organized thousands of large and small events with a scale from hundreds to thousands of participants. With the motto “Quality makes reputation”, the company constantly innovates, grows, and captures advanced technology trends to bring clients optimal service quality.

For all projects, HoaBinh Group always provides favorable advice to customers to achieve the highest efficiency, guaranteeing cost-saving and aesthetics. This shows HoaBinh Group’s innovation and initiative in service quality management. Thus, the firm has earned the trust as well as the appreciation of its partners and consumers.
Mr. Jackie Han – CEO of HoaBinh Group – stated that in the coming decades, the company would continue to focus on investing in human resources and consistently improving service quality while focusing on establishing a team of professionals and technicians that are youthful and motivated to work hard and come up with innovative ideas.
In addition, the high-quality equipment system is regularly checked and maintained to ensure safety during use. HoaBinh Group always applies the most advanced technology to services in order to meet the customers’ increasing requirements.

Along with that, HoaBinh Group strives to cultivate and search for innovative and cost-effective event solutions to deliver customers breakthrough products and services bearing the Vietnamese mark.

HoaBinh Group team is so dedicated and professional

Dedicated and professional HoaBinh Group team

“Large international events used to require foreign organizers, but now, Vietnamese firms can totally handle this. Clients visiting HoaBinh Group will always receive the best services. HoaBinh Group consistently demonstrates to customers that the firm can meet all the customers’ requirements at any time and from any location.
On our journey to achieve our objectives, HoaBinh Group is always willing to collaborate with Korean partners in particular and overseas partners in general, to host excellent events that deliver practical effectiveness”. Mr. Jackie Han stated.

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