HoaBinh-Group specializes in organizing Year-end party at a reasonable cost

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A year-end party is an annual event organized by most business units to look back on the past 1 year and towards a more successful new year. How to organize a meaningful party that can convey corporate culture, as well as leaves an impression on guests is a problem that leaders always want to find a suitable solution. HoaBinh-Group specializes in organizing a Year-end party at a reasonable cost will surely help your business answer this question!

HoaBinh-Group specializes in organizing Year-end party at a reasonable cost

Process of organizing year-end party of HoaBinh Group

With 10 years of experience in the field of organizing year-end party events, HoaBinh Group would like to suggest the basic process of year-end party organization, details as follows:

Prepare ideas and plan

Whether an event is successful or not depends on the script of the event, it is considered as an important factor to decide all activities during the event execution. If you are the person responsible for the organization of the party, you should plan a perfect, creative, not too sketchy idea, as it only revolves around rewarding gifts and having dinner. To have a thoughtful, successful year-end party, a plan must be prepared about 1-2 months in advance and be changed and adjusted to get the perfect plan. So how is a perfect script to make attendees unable to take their eyes off the stage for a moment?

  • Send the event agenda to the company staff before the party

  • Emphasize outstanding performances in the program

  • Interstitial performance and presentations

  • Banquet only after finishing team building activities

  • Pushing the emulation awards at the end of the party after fulfilling the above criteria, you will surely make a great impression on your superiors and all employees. Most importantly, you will get absolute satisfaction from the attendees.

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Process of organizing year-end party of HoaBinh Group

Select time and venue for organizing Year-end party

When choosing the venue for a party depends on many factors: we need to base on the number of attendees, style, activities and the size of the party,… venue, where the party is held, must also be airy, have nice views.

Prepare the year-end party

  • Construct stage: backdrop, banner, standee, fresh flowers, speech…

  • Decorate the banquet area: tables, chairs, flowers, welcome wine…

  • Decorate the welcome gate: fresh flowers, balloons…

  • Check out the necessary equipment

  • Meet up and agree again between the departments and with the MC

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Year-end party script

  • The receptionist will be in charge of the task of welcoming guests, guiding them to sit in the pre-arranged positions

  • Welcome performances start

  • MC declares the reason, introduces delegates and guests

  • The company leaders speak

  • Annual performance summary (can use clip)

  • Mention of the target to look forward to next year

  • Organize team-building games (if any)

  • The guests have a party

  • The show ends

  • Thank MC, send greetings to guests participating in the event

Process of organizing year-end party of HoaBinh Group

End of the party

  • The receptionist performs the work of seeing off, guests

  • Give a souvenir (if any)

  • Clean up the venue

  • Finalization of revenues and expenditures

Why should you choose HoaBinh Group to organize the Year-end party for businesses?

With many years of experience in the field of event organization: opening ceremony, groundbreaking, inauguration ceremony, music show events,… especially year-end party, gala dinner,… are always the strength of HoaBinh Group.

Why should you choose HoaBinh Group to organize the Year-end party for businesses?

We have a team of professional, experienced personnel capable of handling situations quickly, promptly, and thoroughly managing risks.

HoaBinh Group organizes a year-end party with prices as required, in accordance with the wishes and purposes of our customers.

Staff with full MC, Actor, Singer, PG – PB, Professional to amateur dancers/dance groups for customers to freely choose at extremely reasonable prices.

If you need help with ideas and year-end party organization, please contact HoaBinh Group via website chatbox or hotline +84 913 311 911 for advice and choose the right professional event organizer!

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