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The role of professional live streaming event

Livestream is a form of streaming and transmitting content (usually video) online over the internet. The strength of this form is that images and sound are played with quite low latency, visual images and sounds bring the fastest and the most accurate information to the viewer.

With today’s technology background, just a smart phone you can easily do Livestream on Facebook and Youtube. But with big programs that require high picture quality, good shooting angles, and focusing on the best points of the show, the phone can’t do that. And that’s why you need a professional live streaming event service on Facebook and Youtube platforms.

What devices that live streaming events need?

If you want the live streaming event to take place successfully, the first thing you should do is prepare all the equipment. Here are the necessary equipment for the live streaming event that you should prepare:

A computer

One or more dedicated camcorders

You also need to prepare additional support tools such as a tripod, microphone, lamp, video mixer, audio mixer …

Wire connects the camcorder to the computer

Ensure Internet connection is stable

Prepare a Youtube or facebook channel with many followers

Things to keep in mind when livestream event

Check the devices connected

After preparing the live streaming devices, the next thing you need to pay attention to is connecting those devices together. You use the cable connecting the camera and computer prepared above to turn the camera into a webcam.

And if there are some computers that will ask to install additional drivers, you just install as usual. Then, check if the connection is successful by going to an app like skype.appear.in to switch the camera. Also, be sure to check if the microphone is clear.

Setup where the livestream is played

Currently, Youtube and Facebook are two very good support channels for event livestreams, so if you intend to record the livestream, these will be the 2 best places to play.

If you use Youtube as a channel to receive and stream. To register, you need to have a “clean” account (does not violate Youtube policy). However, if you have a “clean” Youtube channel to ensure such conditions, then go to the video management area and enable the Live Event function.

Configure connection to channel

After successfully connecting to the camcorder. You need a software to broadcast livestream on channel. There are many software that do that, including Wirecast for Youtube, Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE). Of course the other software has to pay to use the full version. However, there are also completely free software like Open Broadcaster Software.

Prestigious and professional HoaBinh Group live streaming event service

With a staff of many years of experience in filming, shooting at events, with modern and advanced equipment. HoaBinh Group provides live streaming event services, live streaming seminar … always ensure to fully meet the criteria for a livestream. We are committed to bringing the most beautiful shooting angles and highlights of the event.

If you need to livestream events, seminars … please contact us (Hotline – 0913 311 911) for advice and introduction about the service. The exchange will help us to offer suitable service packages for your budget, thereby providing a better service experience!

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