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8/11/2022 564

Together with the bustling atmosphere to welcome the new year of Ky Hoi, Hoa Binh Tourist (a member of Hoabinh Group) would like to send the first gift to customers in the SPRING 2019 PROMOTION  with great deals: SPRING TRAVEL – BUY TOUR GET TOUR.


► For customers who signed the festival Tour contract and complete the contract deposit before January 31, 2019

Group of 20 guests or more, get 01 TRAY OF CEREMONY right away

+ Group of 40 guests or more, free of charge 01 PAX

Especially, in the year of PIG, with all the customers who was born in the year of Pig , regardless of their age are given extremely attractive gifts from Hoa Binh: pillow, water bottle …




From 17/01/2019 to the end of 11/05/2019, with each contract, groups from 5,000,000 VND or more and Tourists from 1,500,000 VND or more, You will be entitled to participate in the Lucky Draw Program Buy Tour Get Tour with the following rules:

1. Reward:

Hoa Binh would like to send you a super lucky gift. The gift is: 5 DAYS Thailand tour 5 days 4 nights costs MORE THAN 8 MILLION VND (not applicable on holidays, Tet)

2. Specific conditions, methods and procedures that customers must perform to participate in the promotion program:

Applicable to all bookings for Group Tour :  For Group Tour, tour value from 1,500,000 VND or more, for Group Tour, contract value from 5,000,000 VND or more.

Customers sign a contract and complete a deposit according to the contract when purchasing the tour from January 17, 2019 – May 11, 2019, will receive the lucky draw ticket.

For every 5 million VND / tour contract and every 1.5 million VND/ tour contract, customers will receive 1 lottery ticket. The larger the value of the contract, the higher the number of votes, the higher the chance of winning a prize.

The lottery ticket with 02 copies printed with the prize code and full customer information with stamped on the Company, the customer will keep 01 contact and 01 contact will be put in the ballot box. The ballot box will be sealed and will only be opened at the time of the draw in the presence of the representative of the company and the customer (the list will be recorded with the signature of each individual).

The lottery ticket (customer-held form) must not be torn or marked to be corrected and must match the winning prize code … ID card or passport should be clear and not lose information (information about name, hometown, ID number …).

Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.

3. Time, place and method of determining winners:

Time to determine winners:

May 15, 2019

Location of winning prize: Head Office of Hoa Binh International Trade & Tourism Investment Company Limited

Address: 29 Doan Thi Điem – P. Quoc Tu Giam – Dong Da District – Hanoi

How to determine the prize

+ Awards are announced in the presence of customers present at the office

+ The ballot box is sealed and can only be opened when it is time to draw under the witness of the representative of the company and the customer. Customer representative is the person who draws the lucky ballot.

+ Customers winning Thailand Tour 5N4Đ will be informed by the company. When receiving the prize, customers just need to bring their lottery slip with ID card or passport to confirm.

4. Winning announcment:

Directly notify customers by phone.

Announcement via website and official fanpage of the company.

5. Answering questions for customers about promotion related issues:

Please contact Hoabinhtourist Tour Office : 0903.285.236

The above price applied for groups of 40 guests or more. See details here.

Hoa Binh Tourist would like to thank customers.

We wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

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