What do you need to prepare to organize a Year-end party for your company?

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To prepare for the year-end party, just having an idea is not enough. We need to make the party outlined on paper to reality. Issues such as where the organization is located, whether it is too far from the company, how many attendees, the stage layout, how the lights are, how the event format,… will have to be answered in a complete plan. Let’s join HoaBinh Group to find out what you need to prepare to organize a Year-end party for your company.

what you need to prepare to organize a Year-end party for your company

Year-end party venue for the company

Year-End Party for companies can be organized at the company if the area inside is large enough and suitable. If not, businesses should choose nearby restaurants or banquet centers to make preparation easier and create convenience for guests to actively move when participating in the event. In addition, businesses can consider organizing outdoors to increase the attractiveness and originality of this event.

Year-end party venue for the company

Prepare a detailed plan for the year-end party

The company’s year-end party planning will be done by following these steps:

Step 1: Making ideas. This is the step that defines the framework and the main content of the event.

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Step 2: Prepare content and make Onsite. To ensure a clear and attractive idea, the repertoire, performances, activities,… must be ensured in the correct order with consistent content.

Step 3: Assigning personnel. Each person will be in charge of a part of the plan, working together in harmony for the event to be successful and successful.

Step 4: Estimating budget and risks. Everything needs to be prepared and planned for every situation before the event takes place.

Prepare a detailed plan for the year-end party

Start to organize your year-end party for your company

Step 1: Survey the venue and prepare equipment. Survey the venue from many sources to choose a place that is suitable for your planned scale. The equipment listed in the plan need to be purchased or borrowed and must be in good working order.

Step 2: Run the demo program. This step will not be necessary with some of the above ideas such as tea parties or small music shows – the ideas are too familiar. Need to assign personnel and run performances with the orchestra or other participants of the party.

Step 3: Run the event. A year-end party will usually conduct the following:

  • Welcome: Check-in reception, pick up, and stabilize seats for the invited guests.

  • Opening: 01 special music performance and MC introduces the program.

  • Share of the board of directors/leaders/chairman: Invite representatives of the leadership/management board to make a speech.

  • Honoring/Awarding individuals/teams for excellence: The Board of Directors announces the results of the competition and honors outstanding individuals and collectives in the past year.

  • Opening party: Everyone started to have a party.

  • Main performances/games/activities inside the party: Depending on the ideas, the performance, as well as the game, will be.

  • Announcing the message of the party: After the party, there will be profound moments for the party to become full and imprinted on the participants’ minds.

  • End of the party.

Start to organize your year-end party for your company

As you can see, there are a lot of things that need to be prepared for a year-end company party. However, usually at the end of the year, the employees in the company are very busy with work, reports, balance sheets,… so it is difficult to take care of the event. With more than 10 years of experience in organizing events, HoaBinh Group will help businesses solve those difficulties with professional year-end party service. We will provide you with a package from location, ideas, personnel, equipment, decoration, party … to the perfect event! Contact us via website or hotline +84 913 311 911 for the fastest advice and support.

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